Maryanns Shore Driving School
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Monmouth County
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Frequently asked questions

Owner and Operator, Maryann Morris, answers the most asked questions to help get you started.

Don't see the answers to your questions? Give us a call at 732-542-7700.
  1. How long have you been in business?
    Maryanns Shore Driving School has been teaching for over 30 years since 1984.
  2. Why choose your company verse other competitors?
    We make driving easy, and fun! We specialize in making those more different driving tasks like parallel parking simple enough that you can move on and be a successful driver.
  3. How did you first become interested in your line of business?
    I love to drive... Since the early 80's
  4. How do you differentiate yourself from other businesses in your category and area?
    I am a mom trying to keep the kids safe!
  5. Where are your classes held?
    We come to you! Door to door service!
  6. How do you accept payments?
    Cash or check
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Sample Test Questions
Click the icon below to download a number of sample test questions that can help you study for your driver's test.